"Sharing My Passion For Singing"

Voice lessons with Judy Hages are granted accreditation by NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study.  Students attending Columbia University, New York City College and Ramapo College may receive college credit for their private lessons.  

Judy is a highly accredited voice teacher specializing in Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz and Broadway singing styles.  She graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon earning a BFA in Vocal Performance and had a successful singing career performing throughout Europe as concert singer.  Judy spent her early adult life learning and comparing different vocal techniques until she found a technique that changed her life.  This was "The Art of Belcanto" in it's purest form, which means "Beautiful Singing." It's an Italian Opera technique that Judy applies to contemporary styles of singing. This technique is a proven approach that is both aggressive and effective. Judy has many Grammy nominated students and has been teaching voice for 43 years; her students are performing throughout the world.

In this training, your voice will attain approximately 6 months of voice growth within the first six to nine weeks of training.  Within the first six months of voice building it is possible for a healthy voice to attain approximately five years of voice growth.  Judy's voice lessons are personalized depending on a student's individual needs.  She specializes in abused voices and many students taking these singing lessons have been referred to her by doctors because of nodules or surgery on the vocal cords. Judy teaches voice lessons to all levels of students from beginner to advanced who wish to evolve into professional singers.  Many of Judy's students are professional singers well into their careers, who attend voice lessons with her in order to maintain a healthy voice and continue to grow as a singer.