Judy Hages teaches the Bel Canto (Italian) vocal technique which means "Beautiful Singing." This approach is aggressive and effective. To enhance the effectiveness even further, Judy's gives 2 weekly group voice lessons, these group voice lessons consist of voice building part and technical voice lesson part

1. Voice Building

Through correctly executing a series of exercises your will gain the following benefits:

1. Sung notes will begin to resonate in more "advanced" ways.

a. When sound vibrates in the sinus cavities, voice projection increases and the amount of air and effort to produce the sound decreases.

2. In Voice Building there is a reinforcement of the execution of exercises so that the Bel Canto technique becomes automatic during performance

3. Build the quality, richness and stamina of the voice.

2. Technical Classes

Is a voice lesson consisting of:

a. Listening

Students record themselves at home executing voice exercises and singing songs. In this part of the voice lesson, we listen their individual recordings in order to improve the voice and trouble-shoot problems areas.

b. Performance

Voice students perform and learn from watching other students perform.

c. Vocalization

Learning how to "vocalize" (warm up your voice before a voice lesson, recording or a performance)

d. Practice Technique

Learning how to effectively practice songs at home without wasting voice, time and or energy.

e. Lesson Book

Learning how to execute lessons from the lesson book.